Toward the Realization of "Sendai, a City for Gender Equality"
The Sendai Gender Equal Opportunity Foundation was established in 2001 to promote gender equal opportunity in Sendai. The Foundation has formulated two major initiatives to achieve this goal. The first is to create a network both in Japan and abroad and develop policy proposals based on data from surveys and research on gender equality carried out in Sendai. The second is to support community-based activities of citizens' groups that are involved in promoting gender equity in society.

The Sendai Gender Equal Opportunity Foundation strives to promote women's independence, equal participation in society, and the resolution of problems that prevent women from achieving these goals by extending various kinds of support and training to foster independent activities initiated by the public. At the same time, the Foundation is attempting to create a social climate that encourages equal opportunities for men and women so that Sendai can become known as "Sendai, a City for Gender Equal Opportunity."